Spring Symposium Berlin 2018
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Spring Symposium 2018 Berlin

Willkommen, welcome, bienvenue, bienvenida, velkommen, tervetuloa, välkommen, powitanie, welcom, xiānggǎng...  

The International Network of Expressive Arts Training Institutes warmly invites and welcomes colleagues, students and interested practitioners from all over the world to the 31. Expressive Arts Spring Symposium
in Berlin.

The theme:
Art as a liberating Act
“I set the foot upon the air, and it carried” 1

Hilde Domin

In the art making we constantly set our foot into the not - knowing.
What is it that is holding us there? And how can we encourage others to step into that air? In our lives we all experience moving into unknown territory as well. As we walk along, literally and metaphorically, one foot always leaves the ground and allows us to turn into a new direction through that moment of elevation in the air. How can Expressive Arts as an act of liberation be a carrying ground here?

The Symposium will give an opportunity to explore these questions creatively and seek for the moments of freedom in the unexpected of the arts. Hilde Domins’ poetry and life will hereby serve as an inspiration for the trust in the landing.

Hilde Domin (1909 – 2006) a German poet and writer, found to her life motto in a moment of deepest despair. Being forced to live in exile in the Dominican Republic during the Second World War and being in a challenging personal situation, her first poem happened to her and almost came by itself. It was an unexpected homecoming into the language she was born with.
"I did not come to the world until 1951. It was not in Germany, although German is my mother tongue, Spanish was spoken around me, and the garden in front of the house was full of coconut palms."  2
Hilde Domin called the surprising arrival of her first poem her “second birth” and it marked the beginning of her life as a poet.

1 “Ich setzte den Fuß in die Luft, und sie trug.“

2 "Ich kam erst 1951 auf die Welt. Weinend, wie jeder in diese Welt kommt. Es war nicht in Deutschland, obwohl Deutsch meine Muttersprache ist. Es wurde spanisch gesprochen, und der Garten vor dem Haus stand voller Kokospalmen."

Read more about Hilde Domin here

The Expressive Arts Spring Symposium

Expressive Arts is a world wide community held together by the spirit of creation. This spirit has led to the strong wish to meet, play, celebrate and learn together internationally. By now the International Network of Expressive Arts Training Institutes has been hosting the annual Spring Symposium for over 30 years, each year in a different place of the world.

Exceptional about this: all teachers and all organizers work for free; the Spring Symposium is a non-profit event! It is a unique opportunity for all of us to celebrate and to renew the sense of belonging and our passion for the arts.

The Registrationform is deactivated now, we have a full house!
We keep a waiting list.
Please contact info@springsymposium-berlin.com directly

The registration fees 2018 are:

1. REGULAR FEE from December 31st on:    660 EUR*

2.  LUNCH & DINNER for 5 Days:                        245 EUR (to be paid ahead as well)
at GLS Restaurant DIE SCHULE
and Roaring Twenties

* Prices are in EURO. Please take into account that all costs of currency exchange and bank transfer are on your side (approximately about 12 EUR).
No credit cards!

The registration at the GLS Campus: Tuesday 03. April 2018 13:00 – 18:00