Spring Symposium Berlin 2018
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Spring Symposium 2018 Berlin

Workshops Spring Symposium 2018 Berlin

Margo Fuchs and Brigitte Wanzenried

Do not grow weary
hold out your hand 
to the miracle
as if to a bird

We cannot choose our destiny; however, we have a choice how to live with it. Hilde Domin suggests a “nevertheless” attitude. We might at times be perfectly happy with our destiny and at other times struggle with it. Hilde Domin states that nobody is spared, we all are “washed with the water of the deluge.” But we can practice the “nevertheless” through poetry to not grow weary, however to quietly as if to a bird hold out our hands to the miracle.
In this workshop we create ‘signs’ through visual arts and poetry. Miracles can still happen, sometimes even to you and me. You will learn new techniques of art making and writing poetry.

Bruno Mock and Melinda Meyer                                        
What is your next step?
From Kin-Esthetics to Digital Arts

Autumn Eyes
Press yourself close
To the ground. The earth
still smells of summer
and your body
still smells of love. But the grass
is already yellowed above you.
The wind is cold
and full of thistledown. And the dream which waylays you
your dream
has autumn eyes.

Through our senses, we have a world and live in it. Based on movement, we will explore in this workshop how to transfer and shape these embodied in- and expressions into a new medial form.
Digital media allow us hereby to record and create what we experience in an intermodal way, using words, sounds, pictures and movies. The technical tools that are needed for the transfer are very easy to learn and to use as a enhancement in all change processes.
The participants will find a new language and experience kin-esthetically a new belonging.

Sally Atkins and Vered Zur
Earth and Air: Arts and Ritual

With one foot rooted in the Earth, we find the courage to step one foot in the air and explore the unknown in art and in life. Within the frame of a ritual space of earth, air, fire and water, we will create and explore an ongoing earth installation and shape poetry of “nevertheless,” poetry of survival and comfort.

Markus Alexander and Margareta Wärja
Embodying the Songs that carry us:
Stepping into what is not yet formed

As we enter the gate of open possibilities, music and dance can provide ways to shape what is moving in us and give it form in the world. In that and as that movement we can find imaginative avenues to respond to adversities with spontaneity and play.


Program Spring Symposium 2018 Berlin

Time Tuesday
03. April 2018
04. April 2018
05. April 2018
06. April 2018
07. April 2018
08. April.2018
Breakfast at Hotel            
9:00 - 9:45   Community Art
GLS Aula
Community Art
GLS Aula
Community Art
GLS Aula
Community Art
GLS Aula
Community Art
GLS Aula
10:00 - 13:00   Workshop ABCD Workshop BCDA Excursion Workshop DABC  
13:00 -14:00
13:00 - 18:00
Symposium Registration

GLS Campus
GLS Restaurant
GLS Restaurant
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Departure of Participants
15:30 - 18:00 18:30 Aperitif
GLS Aula
Workshop ABCD Workshop BCDA Workshop CDAB
Start 15:00
Workshop DABC Meetings Teachers & Directors until Tuesday 10. April 2018
From 18:30 on Dinner
GLS Restaurant
GLS Restaurant
GLS Restaurant
GLS Restaurant
Dinner of the Teachers/Institute
Evening Sessions
Opening Ceremony
and Lecture by
Margo Fuchs

GLS Aula
Roaring Twenties
Networking and Presentation Evening
GLS Aula
Workshop CDAB Performative

GLS Aula
Get-together of
the Teachers &

Workshop A - Nevertheless Margo Fuchs and Brigitte Wanzenried
Workshop B - From Kin-Esthetics to Digital Arts Melinda Meyer and Bruno Mock
Workshop C - Earth and Air: Arts and Ritual Sally Atkins and Vered Zur
Workshop D - Embodying the Songs that carry us Margareta Wärja and Markus Alexander

Aula GLS Campus
Seminarroom 112 GLS Campus House 1 First Floor
Seminarroom 121 GLS Campus House 1 Second Floor
Dock 11 Groundfloor